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Major research fields

1.Nondestructive Detection of Food Quality and Intelligent Equipment   Prof. Zou Xiaobo

* Detection of food quality based on computer vision
* Development of electronic nose
* Application of electronic tongue
* near infrared detection
* Hyperspectral & Multi-spectral detection
* Acoustical detection
2. Food Physical Processing and Intelligent Equipment  Prof. Ma Haile

* Ultrasonic assisted enzymatic hydrolysis.

* Magnetic and Ultrasonic field assisted fermentation

* Food sterilization with magnetic fields

* Crop sterilization with infrared and pulsed light

* Ultrasonic assisted degradation of pesticides

* Mutation of strain with laser

3.Food Biological Safety   Prof. Zhang Hongyin

*Biodegradation of mycotoxins

*Natural bacteriostatic agents

*Food quality and safety control

*Biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables
4. Food Nutrition and Health  Prof. Xu Bin
*Grain Science and Nutrition

*Food Nutrition and Metabolism

*Probiotics and Health

*New technology for processing agricultural products
5. Food Bioengineering and Intelligent Equipment   Prof. Gao Ruichang

*Screening and function finding of microorganisms in traditional food

*Functional food fermentation technology

*The fermentation technology of microbial inoculants

*Control theory research and development of intelligent system for liquid fermentation process

*Development of an intelligent control system for large scale solid state fermentation equipment

Project of “New technologies and their integration on nondestructive detection of food and agricultural product quality” received Second-class National Award of Technology Invention in 2008, which was finished by prof. Zhao Jiewen research group.

               First prize of science and technology of Chinsese mechanical industry in 2013

Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation
The Winner of Award for Industrial Innovation:Zhao Jiewen
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