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Ma Yong-kun

NameMa Yong-kun

Technical postPhD supervisor

AddressSchool of Food & Biological Engineering, Room 316



2001-2005,China   Agricultural University, Agricultural Products Processing and Stora-ge   Engineering, Ph.D
  1996-1999,Northwest AgriculturalUniversity,Agricultural Products Processing   and Storage,engineering
  master degree,
  1982-1986,Shanghai Ocean University, Food Processing,bachelor degree
  2009-2010,Ohio State University,visiting scholar

Professional   Experience

2005- present,   Jiangsu University, Professor
  2000.2-2000.12, Xinrui tomato products Co. Ltd, Technical Director
  1986-1997, Shihezi University, Lecturer and Associate Professor

Scientific Research Field

1Fermentation engineering in fruit wine, fruit vinegar and   enzyme
Extraction, analysis and evaluation of functional   components of fruits and vegetables
Probiotics fermentation engineering in food industry
Food flavor chemistry and its application
Food high pressure processing technologyHPP

Social academic post and honor

Director of   Fruit and Vegetable Processing branch of Chinese Institute of Food Science   and Technology
  Member of Institute of Food Science and Technology in Jiangsu province
  Standing Director of branch nonthermal technology in food science and   technology committee
  Expert in food safety committee in Zhenjiang government in Jiangsu province

Teaching Courses

Food Chemistry
  Fruit and vegetable processing technology
  Food nonthermal processing technology

Published   papers

1. Felix N   Engmann, Yongkun Ma, Xu Ying, Ye Qing. Investigating the Effect of High   Hydrostatic Pressure Processing on Anthocyanins Composition of Mulberry(Morus   moraceae) Juice[J].Czech J. Food Sci., 2013, 31:72-80.
  2. Felix N Engmann, Yongkun Ma, Haining Zhang, Lizhi Yu, Nana Deng. The   application of response surface methodology in studying the effect of heat   and high hydrostatic pressure on anthocyanins, polyphenol oxidase, and   peroxidase of mulberry (Morus nigra) juice[J]. Journal of the Science of Food   and Agriculture, 2014, 94(11):2345-2356.
  3. Felix N Engmann, Yongkun Ma, William Tchabo, Hui Ma.Ultrasonication   Treatment Effect on Anthocyanins, Color, Microorganisms and Enzyme   Inactivation of Mulberry (Moraceae nigra) Juice[J]. Journal of Food   Processing and Preservation. accepted(Early View online)
  4. Felix N Engmann, Yongkun Ma,William Tchabo, Hui Ma, Haining Zhnag.   Optimization of Ultrasonic and High Hydrostatic Pressure Conditions on   Quality Parameters of Mulberry (Morus Moraceae) Juice Using Response Surface   Methodology[J]. Journal of Food Quality. accepted(Early View online)
  5. Wang Xing, Ma Yong-kun, Yu Lizhi, et al. Effect of Storage Condition on Phenolics   and Antioxidant Activity of High Hydrostatic Pressure Treated Bluberry   Juice[J]. Modern Food Science and Technology, 2014,30(1):101-107.
  6. Ma Hui, Wang Ya-chao, Ma Yong-kun, et al. Effect of Ultra-high Pressure   Treatment on Aroma Compounds in Cucumber Water Analyzed by Principal   Component[J]. Modern Food Science and Technology,2014,30(3):220-232.
  7. Tchabo, William; Ma, Yongkun; Engmann, Felix ,et al. NEffect of enzymatic   treatment on phytochemical compounds and volatile content of mulberry (Morus   nigra) must by multivariate analysis [J]. JOURNAL OF FOOD AND NUTRITION   RESEARCH,2015,54(2):128-141.
  8. Tchabo, William; Ma, Yongkun; Engmann, Felix N ,et al. Ultrasound-assisted   enzymatic extraction (UAEE) of phytochemical compounds from mulberry (Morus nigra)   must and optimization study using response surface methodology [J].   INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS,2015,63:214-225.
  9. William Tchabo; Yongkun Ma; Emmanuel Kwaw, et al. Influence of   fermentation parameters on phytochemical profile and volatile properties of   mulberry (Morus nigra) wine[J]. Journal of the Institute of Brewing, 2017,   123.

10. William   Tchabo; Yongkun Ma; Emmanuel Kwaw, et al. Statistical interpretation of   chromatic indicators in correlation to phytochemical profile of a sulphur dioxide-free   mulberry ( Morus nigra ) wine submitted to non-thermal maturation   processes[J]. Food Chemistry, 2017:470-477.

11. William   Tchabo; Yongkun Ma; Emmanuel Kwaw, et al. Effects of Ultrasound, High   Pressure, and Manosonication Processes on Phenolic Profile and Antioxidant   Properties of a Sulfur Dioxide-Free Mulberry ( Morus nigra ) Wine[J]. Food   & Bioprocess Technology, 2017(5):1-14.

12, William   Tchabo; Yongkun Ma; Emmanuel Kwaw, et al. Aroma profile and sensory   characteristics of a sulfur dioxide-free mulberry ( Morus nigra ) wine   subjected to non-thermal accelerating aging techniques[J]. Food Chemistry,   2017, 232:89-97.

Main Scientific Research Projects

1. The key   technology of draft rice wine processing with the ultra-high pressure   technology and ultrasonic wave technology   Zhenjiang  science and   technology bureau


The key   technology and demonstration of Danyang seal cylinder wine sterilization and   aging process withthe ultra-high pressure technology

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

Two research   food projects were awarded by province governments
  Twelves food projects were certificated and two of them had been put into   production

Number of   postgraduates under supervision


Number of   supervised masters and Ph.D.


Number of   supervised undergraduates


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